School Assemblies Solar System Tour

Explore the solar system with an hour long Auditorium/Gymnasium guided tour with giant 8′ Planets

Learn about Plasma on the sun

Plasma Sun

We take along our hapless marshmallow astronaut as he discovers the dangers of the solar system

Students watch as he finds out what happens on Mercury with no atmosphere

Mercury Astronaut

He discovers Venus rains sulfuric acid and has crushing heat and pressure

Learn about light pollution on earth and what an alien would see if it were observing Earth

Explore the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter (its not as crowded as you might think)

Find out what happens on Jupiter with its intense radiation (learn how NASA’s recently arrived Juno probe deals with it (better than our marshmallow astronaut)

Study the rings of Saturn and find out just how big (and not so big) they really are

Visit the gas giants Uranus and Neptune.

We even visit Pluto and Charon.